Like a classroom
Unlike any classroom

If you were designing a course it would be intuitive, student-driven, comprehensive, multi-media, content rich, focused precisely on your issues and with instant access to a LIVE teacher. Well...that's what we did!

Freedom to Learn...Your Way!!

Total Convenience

Use anywhere, anytime, on any device--Study at your pace


Whether the exam is next week or next year, this is the only program you will need

  • All of our instructors have advanced degrees​ (Masters and PhD).
  • 400+ hours of student classwork.
  • 74+ hours of on-demand video.
  • 460+ on-demand multimedia/video lessons.
  • Live Teacher Chat in the Program.
  • 39 automatically graded progress quizzes with detailed answers.
  • 3,000 detailed practice and drill questions.
  • Detailed interactive multimedia explanations to real released exam questions.
  • Hundreds of quiz​ questions.
  • 800+ page integrated and cross-indexed multimedia eBook.
  • Vocabulary class with video instruction and 800 vocabulary words.
  • 571 bite sized FasTrak Tips.
  • Electronic outlines for each lesson and sample questions.

We teach you everything on the test

  • Reading comprehension
  • English Grammar
  • All High School Math
  • Science Reasoning (ACT)
  • Essay Writing
  • Logic
  • Vocabulary


Get the score you need to attend the college of YOUR choice

  • Battle tested for 15 years
  • 250,000 students
  • 35,000+ 5 star reviews
  • Millions of dollars in scholarships
  • Used in every state and 40+ countries

Live Teacher-Chat

  • An in-program instant link to a LIVE teacher to answer any questions to Instruct, Guide and Cheerlead.
  • Just imagine how valuable this will be for your student!!!!
  • And the Peace of mind for you.

Newly Expanded Math Class

We teach EVERY math skill tested on the exam: in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.

  • Probability, Percentages, Statistics
  • Mean/Median/Mode/Range
  • Fractions/Ratios/Decimals
  • Substitution of Variables/Manipulating Variables, Basic Algebra
  • Functions, Graphing
  • Geometric Sequence
  • Area, Perimeter, Volume
  • Vertical Supplemental Angles
  • Scientific Notation
  • Powers, Exponents
  • Quadratics
  • Special Right Triangles, Pythagorean
  • Complex and Imaginary Numbers
  • Trigonometry, SOH-CAH-TOA, Sine Waves
  • Mid-point
  • Inequalities, Slope, x/y Intercepts, Definition of a Line
  • Coordinate Plane
  • Matrix
See list

How we teach math?

We show students how to get a problem right even when you DON’T know the math!

  • 289
    Math videos (3 mins to 15 mins each)
    Watch sample
  • 23
    Math lessons on Plane Geometry & Trigonometry
    Watch sample
  • 500+
    Pages of text and graphic detailed answers
  • 700+
    Questions with detailed explanations

Official Math Test

Actual 60-question exam from the recently released SAT/ACT which includes our own detailed video and text answers.

Check detailed Student Diagnostic Reports.

Multiple Approaches

We show students how to get a problem right even when you DON’T know the math!

The PowerPrep is the ONLY course that demonstrate alternative methods for answering all questions. Additional tools include:

Real world logic, backsolving, plugging in answers, picking numbers, process of elimination and estimating. This gives students more tools to answer these questions.

Math is cumulative

It builds on prior ideas and principles. Many students fear math mainly because they say it doesn't make sense in the real world. Even though students constantly ask why—they rarely get an answer that works for them. That's because math is often presented without context as a series of rote rules students are told to memorize without knowing the "why". We put math into context and explain WHY!

Have you ever watched a math teacher da question and it seems easy or obvious and then when you are working alone you get totally stuck? Well, we don't assume what a student might or might not know. We provide exhaustive details but under student control. The program and instructors guide the student while letting the student select what is important to them and focus on the things they need—so they NEVER get stuck. This allows the student to progress quickly and at their own pace.


English Grammar

We have analyzed years’ worth of actual exams and have extracted every grammar issue they test.
View what you get
We teach all the grammar you will need to know for the exam Including:
View what you get

Reading Comprehension

We analyzed years of reading comp questions and know exactly what you will face on the test.

Detailed passage deconstruction for over 10 passages including actually released exams.

Tools and plan of attack for every question type, including.  View

We also teach techniques like.  View


Science Reasoning

We analyzed years of Science Reasoning questions and know exactly what you will face on the test.

  • The best way to prepare for Science Reasoning is to do lots of these. We give you over 15 specifically selected actual Science Reasoning Passages with OUR detailed explanations for hours and hours of prep on science reasoning.
  • The Good News: Science Reasoning is WAY more "reasoning" and far LESS "science". More
  • It's heavy on graphs, diagrams, and images
  • They test your ability to analyze the "sciency" data they give you.
  • What they test: Remember this is more like "Reading Comprehension" and NOT a test of your knowledge of science. The passages provide all the information you need.
  • We teach you ABOUT the test: View
  • We teach you the two (2) keys for answering questions. How to: View
  • We teach approaches and strategies for the three (3) passage types: View

Essay Writing

The essay is not mandatory. However, writing well is critical for college success. This means having the ability to logically and clearly express your ideas.

There are two types of essay writing and we teach BOTH of them: "Argument" and "Issue" essays.

The Essay Writing class will:   View

You learn how to create:   View

You also learn to:   View

We teach you to use a check list:   View

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