Comments from students who raised their score
eknowledge SAT/ACT Donation Project
Comments from students who raised their score

Lisa McCann says:

Thank you for providing this opportunity to students. Though my son is only a freshman, this program has already helped my son score better on tests and has increased his confidence in test taking. That in itself is a great advantage to him. Blessings to each of you! 3/26/2014 Matthew Johnson Thank you very much my daughter scores increased because of the use of the program. She was struggling until, this valuable resource was made available.

Kay Watson says:

Thank you so much for your generous donation! My children have benefited greatly from this resource, which has prepared them to take both the ACT and SAT tests. Their success on these tests have provided them with significant scholarships, which have enabled them to attend college! Thank you, again. Kay Watson

Grace Mischenko says:

Thank you!! My oldest got a full-tuition waiver scholarship due to his score! Now, my second is getting ready to take his tests!

Barry Schnaitman says:

My oldest daughter was able to improve her score and is now attending a high cost private college with half the tuition being covered by scholarships. We are back ordering again to prepare our other teenagers much earlier than before. Thanks!

Luv Bikker says:

Thank you very much for this fantastic sponsorship. We used this program for our eldest daughter in 2008 and she achieved a 34 on her ACT. Because of this she was awarded amazing scholarships to several elite colleges. Now we are using this program for our other daughter and are hoping she will be as successful after using this program.

Ann Raebel says:

My daughter used her ACT/SAT prep DVD to prepare 3 years ago - she is now a sophmore at the University of AL on a full ride academic scholarship! Her scholarship was predicated on her high ACT score. I just ordered the latest version for my son... (Let's hope lightning strikes twice!) Thanks for a wonderful resource!!!

Mark Schneider says:

Thank you for your generous donation so my children can succeed on the ACT exam. My oldest daughter Stephanie used the software last year and raised her ACT score from a 24 to a 29. Now it's my youngest daughter's turn to prepare for the ACT an I'm confident this software will help her do well on the exam. Again thanks for supporting the military.

Robert Lee says:

We order the SAT for our son. Now it's our daughters' turn. Our son increased his scores by over 100 points. Without doubt this new order will have as much impact on our daughters' SAT/ACT results as did our sons'.Thanks,R. Scott Lee, SCPO, USN

Maurice Grosso says:

Thank you once again for this great opportunity for my children. My son increased over 300 points on his SATs and received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. My daughter will now be able to benefit in the same way my son has, Thank You!!


It is a fabulous program, which helped my daughter increase her ACT score.

Gerald Gromko says:

All I can say is thank you. We ordered the program for my son and he scored a 1520 on his SAT. Hope my daughter can do the same with her ACT scores 25 or better:)Gerald Gromko

Glenn Baker says:

Many of my fellow Army soldiers have used this program with their kids and it helped them take the fear of taking the SAT test away and their scores improved dramatically.

Dave Hightower says:

The program helped my wife immensely....her ACT score went from a 19 to a 26! As she was a military wife, her schooling was interrupted several times while we moved, I deployed, this helped her get into the program she wanted for her career. Thanks!

Joel Unger says:

May God bless you for your outstanding support! It is a humble honor to serve you true American patriots! Your generous donation has already helped my daughter attain the test scores sufficient to afford her every opportunity for higher education, and we are grateful. Now, by renewing our software package, we hope to see her younger brother enjoy the same success. God Bless you all, and please accept my most sincere thanks for your help in ensuring my children's successful futures.In your service,TSgt. Joel C. Unger KS Air National Guard



Jonathan Grosse says:

I really appreciate the great deal. It helped me get the score I needed!! Thanks again!

Guy Sparks says:

My son's scores improved greatly after using your ACT/SAT programs. I would reccommend these orograms to anyone wishing to help their child's scores .

Rhonda Mack says:

Thank you very much for your sponsorship. My daughter's test score improved with the information provided in this program. Now, I have another daughter getting ready to take the ACT and/or SAT next year.

Susan Borawski says:

I used the ACT & SAT prep respectively for my sons in the past who both scored excellent on their test and found the power prep help easy to use. I am so happy that the program has been continued so that my daughter can use the program as well. Thank you so much!! I would not have been able to prepare them so well without you, and want to express my sincere gratitude to all who made this possible.


Thank you all, for the opportunity you have afforded our children throughout the last 5 years. (with your help) Our 2 eldest have gone on to Wellesley College and Sweet Briar college, with full academic scholarships. Our youngest is beginning high school in the fall. We know this program will give her a head start and help her feel comfortable taking the SAT and ACT. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Sherry Mac Donald says:

I had this with my daughter. it is a great idea. She won a full bright Future Scholarship !!!Comments from students who raised their score Mike Valles Excellent daughter raised her SAT scores from 1200 to 1600 thanks to this program!Mike VallesUS Air Force

Donald Owens says:

We are so grateful for your sponsorship of this fantastic program!! Our first son raised his score remarkably after using this program, and now our youngest has the same opportunity. We salute you!

Christina Griffis says:

As a former homeschooling family, two of our sons utilized Power Prep for the ACT and were successful in raising their scores. Now, as a guidance counselor at a private school, I am happy to relate that experience to the students! Because of my family's positive results with eKnowledge, I have insured that the DVD has been available at our school for the past two years. Thank you for a software package that has been proven to help students increase their test scores! Well done! :)

Larry Bell says:

Great product and it has help children to improve scores greatly.

Jeanne Higgins says:

Followup from my comment in May...Just wanted to let you know that after my son used your product he took the SAT as a sophomore this June and ended up getting a 2020 for his score. Pretty good, I thought for a sophomore! Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Jeanne Higgins

Kevin Carlson says:

Excellent program, I took advanatage of this offering for the military for my daughter. She scored much higher on the SAT with this and is now in a pre-med program!! It would be great if eKnowledge offered an MCAT program...

Andrea Johnson-Harvey says:

Great product. My son has a reading disability and needed to raise his SAT scores in order to gain NCAA eligibility. Your program helped him do that, and he is now playing lacrosse in college. Thank you

Gregory Shepard says:

I am so appreciative to see Professional Sports Agencies like the National Football League investing in our countries educational pursuits. Knowledge is truly power and this quality SAT/ACT improvement tool is such a benefit to learners no matter what age. I am an Army Officer and I personally used the program to score a 1710 on the SAT. I have recommended eKnowledge to all my family members who dream of attending college. I can't thank you enough for your recognition of our military members and its families....Well Done!

Olivia Campione says:

My older son said this program was very helpful when he prepared for the SAT. He then scored high enough to opt out of the entrance test required at the school he attended. We are now ordering for our 2nd son and are grateful for the sponsorship, as we'd never be able to afford something like this on our own.


Thank you so much for the donation. I have a oousin who used this SAT program to boost up their SAT score by 200 points and get into Columbia University. Now he's on his way to a degree and because of this donation I hope I can follow in the same steps. After four years in the navy I've done my time and would now like the chance to go to a good college and because of you guys I have a much better chance. Thank you so much.

Edward Welsh says:

My son used SAT Power Prep and scored 100 more points on his second test. I was so impressed that I ordered a set for my daughter. Thanks to the football players who sponser this product, my son is going to the college of his dreams. And hopefully my daughter will as well. Thanks again!

Allen Walker says:

We purchased both the SAT/ACT programs to help our son prepare for the exams. A co-worker used an earlier version for both of his high school graduates. They both scored in the higher percentile of their classmates. They have both spoken highly of the SAT/ACT training programs so we are going to use them to prepare our son for his exams. Thank you all for sponsoring the SAT/ACT training programs for military families.

Lorraine Harper says:

My son used the SAT Prep video to study for his SAT during his Junior Year of High School and he was very impressed with the results of his test. His scores far exceeded his expectations after on reviewing the DVD once. I also had other kids in the area view the DVD prior to their testing (some very marginal students), and they scored in the range of 1490. This video gives the kids hope that they can go on to college for those that would not have otherwise been able to afford such a product. Thanks to all of the professional athletes for giving back.

Carolyn Cole-Fletcher says:

Think the program is great. My son has scored a 28 so far. Thanks NFL for the donation to the worthy program.

Michael Warrelmann says:

Thank so much for this opportunity. My daughter has improved her ACT scores a couple of points since using your study materials.

Rebecca Warren says:

We are so grateful for this program. We had an older version of this software and my daughter brought her ACT score up 4 points. 1 more point and she will be eligible for many academic scholarships. We are thankful that her brother (11 months younger) will also be able to use the software to prepare himself for these important exams! Thank you so much!

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