Comments from students who got scholarships
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Comments from students who got scholarships

Teri Dickinson says:

This is one of 2 programs I purchased for my daughter; one was utterly worthless, but this one was great! I give my daughter credit for diligently studying, motivating herself to succeed, and maintaining a 3.96 GPA. I thank the partners for their generous financial contributions to Power Prep. I paid $114 to give her access to this program and she scored a 32 on the ACT - which earned $16,600 worth of scholarships. I am renewing the one year subscription so my son will also have access to this program. Thank you for working WITH us! Your kindness is very much appreciated.HSLDA member, Teri.

Kay Watson says:

Thank you so much for your generous donation! My children have benefited greatly from this resource, which has prepared them to take both the ACT and SAT tests. Their success on these tests have provided them with significant scholarships, which have enabled them to attend college! Thank you, again. Kay Watson

Grace Mischenko says:

Thank you!! My oldest got a full-tuition waiver scholarship due to his score! Now, my second is getting ready to take his tests!

Barry Schnaitman says:

My oldest daughter was able to improve her score and is now attending a high cost private college with half the tuition being covered by scholarships. We are back ordering again to prepare our other teenagers much earlier than before. Thanks!

Luv Bikker says:

Thank you very much for this fantastic sponsorship. We used this program for our eldest daughter in 2008 and she achieved a 34 on her ACT. Because of this she was awarded amazing scholarships to several elite colleges. Now we are using this program for our other daughter and are hoping she will be as successful after using this program.

Ann Raebel says:

My daughter used her ACT/SAT prep DVD to prepare 3 years ago - she is now a sophmore at the University of AL on a full ride academic scholarship! Her scholarship was predicated on her high ACT score. I just ordered the latest version for my son... (Let's hope lightning strikes twice!) Thanks for a wonderful resource!!!

Patricia Chamberlain says:

Just want to say THANKS! for what all of you are doing for all military kids. They have many hardships, so when something like this comes along, it is not only appreciated by the kids, but by the parents as well. My oldest daughter used this program and is now attending University of South Florida with a $60,000 dollar scholarship to help pay for her education. Now, I am ordering it for our youngest daughter. I am sure she will be just as successful. Again, Thank You, ALL! Sincerely,Patricia ChamberlainMilitary Spouse

James Reed says:

This is a great program. It helped my daughter get a scholarship and I'm confident it will help my son as well.

Eva Bowers says:

Hurricane Katrina destroyed my oldest son's high school forcing him to attend 3 different schools his senior year. We were worried about how all this change would affect his ACT score. After using this program, his score increased and he received a scholarship. I am now ordering the program for my other son. Thanks you so much NFL players and sponsors for making this program available.

James Schumacher says:

Our Family certainly thanks you all for developing and supporting this program. Last year, we got the program for our daughter and now she is going to college on a full ride scholarship. Thank-you for concern and help.

Sherry Crockett says:

This program has been very beneficial to my son . He used it so review for the PSAT for his 10th grade year and is 1 point away from National Merit Scholar. I am renewing it so that he can review again before he takes the PSAT for his 11th grade year.

Robert Petrus says:

I ordered your SAT program a year ago for my home schooled daughter. As a home schooled student the SAT was an important indicator to colleges. She will be attending the University of New Hampshire with a major scholarship - her dream is to be a Trauma Nurse. Thank you for the role your product played in helping her progress towards her dream. This order is for my son - his goal is to attend West Point and serve his country.

Thomas Bacon says:

I appreciate your financial support of this program. I used this program a couple of years ago with my second child (I have four sons) as he prepared for college. I have another son that will be taking the ACT this coming Spring and I'm sure the use of this study material will aid him as he takes the test. Your support of this program may help him earn an academic scholarship. Thanks once again for sharing your finacial blessings with military families.

Gregory Shepard says:

I am so appreciative to see Professional Sports Agencies like the National Football League investing in our countries educational pursuits. Knowledge is truly power and this quality SAT/ACT improvement tool is such a benefit to learners no matter what age. I am an Army Officer and I personally used the program to score a 1710 on the SAT. I have recommended eKnowledge to all my family members who dream of attending college. I can't thank you enough for your recognition of our military members and its families....Well Done!


Thank you all, for the opportunity you have afforded our children throughout the last 5 years. (with your help) Our 2 eldest have gone on to Wellesley College and Sweet Briar college, with full academic scholarships. Our youngest is beginning high school in the fall. We know this program will give her a head start and help her feel comfortable taking the SAT and ACT. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Bradford Martin says:

In 2010, your program raised my son's SAT score by 100 points each for math and reading. This gave him good enough scores to win a Marine Corps ROTC scholarship. Does it work? Oh ya. I am thankful to the generous sponsors for helping my son and thousands of other children to achieve their dreams.

Gina Myers says:

Got this for my daughter from 8-12 grade. She is her 2nd year of college and she got a full academic scholarship to the U of Miami.Now its my 8th grade sons term!! thank you so much!!

Herman Cole says:

Great program! My son used the DVD and scored high enough on his SAT to get a 4 yr academic scholarship to the University of Maryland. My daughter is next and we hope for the same outcome.Thank you so much for your support!Alex Cole

Laura Tenney says:

Thank you so much! My oldest son used your program and has received offers for academic scholarships from almost every school he applied to. It means so much to us to have access to this quality of program! We would not have been able to purchase it without your help and the help of HSLDA.Please accept our sincerest appreciation of your immense generosity!Thank you!Sincerely,The Tenney Family

Melissa D Jaramillo says:

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate this program offer. We received this opportunity from the HSLDA and are repeat customers! After trying other options, our older son was pleased to use the program to prepare for the ACT and again to improve his scores to obtain a scholarship. During his freshman year of college he reused some of the instruction and tips as (his words) a "great refresher". He graduated with his Associate's as an honor student, and is now pursuing his Bachelor's. We now have another teen preparing for the ACT and know that we cannot match the thoroughness offered by eKnowledge! A huge thank you to both eKnowledge and the NFL for your sponsorship for enabling parents and students to take advantage of this affordable option!

Donald Moore says:

We are appreciative of the NFL sponsorship for military members. We used this program for an older child several years ago--and she is now in a major university with a partial academic scholarship. We have two more children at home who are approaching SAT/ACT test time, and hope they can be as successful.

Darril Bill says:

OUTSTANDING Program! I work with high school students from military families who are competing for scholarships at the Air Force Academy and Air Force ROTC. I have seen first-hand the positive impact this program is having. Your generocity is much appreciated and really making a difference! Thank you!

Roosevelt Boyland says:

Thanks you for this program. In my opinion, it's one of the most important ways to make a difference in the lives of the youth who consider you to be their role models. My oldest son used this program last year and it helped him obtain a scholarship to AR Tech University where he plays on the football team.

Gregory Watson says:

Thank you so much for making this program available at such a discount to us. My daughter used this program and scored a 1500 on the SAT and a 34 on the ACT! She received $21,000.00 in scholarships, by the grace of God and with the contribution of these test scores. We are now using this program to prepare our son for the tests.Thank you, again.Kay Watson

John & Karen Bailey says:

Dear Benefactors, Your donations to this program have already benefited one of my children. Our daughter used your ACT Premium 2005-06 edition and was able to obtain an honors scholarship which completely paid for her tuition and books. What a financial blessing for our family. We are getting the same program for our son in hopes of similar results. Thank you again for your generosity, John and Karen Bailey

Sherry Mac Donald says:

I had this with my daughter. it is a great idea. She won a full bright Future Scholarship !!!Comments from students who raised their score Mike Valles Excellent daughter raised her SAT scores from 1200 to 1600 thanks to this program!Mike VallesUS Air Force

Bradford Martin says:

In 2010, your program raised my son's SAT score by 100 points each for math and reading. This gave him good enough scores to win a Marine Corps ROTC scholarship. Does it work? Oh ya. I am thankful to the generous sponsors for helping my son and thousands of other children to achieve their dreams.

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