Cover Both the SAT and ACT Exams

  • The sofware and books were in development for over three years and cost over $1.5 million.
  • The books include 800+ pages, 2500+ questions, quizzes, practice questions, and samples.
  • Includes the content for both the Premium SAT & ACT (plus more) and cover every testable point on both the SAT and ACT exams.
  • Hundreds of regorously detailed explanations constaining, diagrams, images, drawings, photos, and other graphical aids.
  • All designed to assist our students so they thoroughly understand every concept taught in these materials.
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Workbook Questions: 487
Drill Questions: 276
Dictionary: 550+ words
Grammar Questions: 1800+
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These materials will teach you How to Learn Your Way and get the score you need to get into the college of your choice.
These books are designed to be used in conjunction with the PowerPrep DVD or they can be used stand alone. Either way, you have the most complete and thorough SAT and ACT exam prep materials available.

The software and books were in development for over three years and cost over $1.5 million. The books contain 800+ pages, 2500+ Questions, quizzes, practice questions, and samples, with intensely detailed explanations containing, diagrams, images, drawings, photos, and all manner of visual aids to assist our students so they thoroughly understand every concept taught in these materials.

Workbook questions: 487         Drill Questions: 276         Dictionary: 550+ words         Grammar Questions: 1800+

To the Student:
We reviewed years of SAT and ACT tests and developed our materials to teach you every single testable point and concept ever presented on either exam. Each concept is taught on the DVD and in the print materials and then followed with practice questions keyed to the concept being taught. Each practice question (PQ) also has incredibly detailed explanations. The explanations do not just give you a "right" answer, our materials take the time to explain the step-by-step process behind the "right" answer, and then we also explain why each wrong answer is flawed. In many instances, the materials also provide several alternative methods for arriving at the correct answer. This level of detail is at the heart of the Student Center Learning Process giving you all the resources necessary so you have the Freedom to Learn... Your Way and achieve the score you need to get into the school of your choice.

Book 1: Getting Started (130 pages)-- EVERYTHING you want to know about the exam. 122 pages explaining everything about both exams and how to use the PowerPreptm DVD, including: What's tested, Sample Schedule, and Tracking. This book answers every question about the exam: When to take the test, How often can students take the test? Should I test again? How often is the test administered? What is the difference between the SAT and ACT? College Requirements. Comparing SAT and ACT Scores. Calculator Policy. How to score your exam. And much, much more.

Book 2: Workbooks (480 pages)--The heart of the course takes place here. The classroom instruction is keyed to the DVD, but intuitive even without the DVD. This is where the bulk of your learning takes place. Every concept and testable point ever presented on either exam is carefully taught in this workbook. The concepts are taught one at a time followed by detailed practice questions keyed to each concept with painstakingly detailed explanations so you can learn what the right answer is and WHY it's right and why the other answer choices are wrong. You will also learn custom approaches and special tips for every section on the exam.

Book 3: Drills (192 pages)--more practice on each concept. use these questions and their detailed explanations to hone your skills and work on your timing and comprehension.

Bonus Materials:
The Big Book of Grammar: Many students feel weak in their grammar skills. That's why we created the ultimate Big Book of Grammar prep. No other course offers this level of organization and detail. We analyzed and categorized every grammar question ever asked for the past 10 years and these materials focus on what we discovered. The book contains a major section on Subject Verb Agreement (see Book 2: Workbook: page 292) and also includes an exclusive 90 page section that covers every tricky and confusing word and grammar rule tested over the past 10 years (see Book 2: Workbook: page 328)--but we did not stop there. We also included over 1800 quiz questions with detailed answers to give you TONS of practice to make sure you understand every single grammar rule.

Vocabulary: We also analyzed the past 10 years of exams and found the top 500 SAT and ACT words with definitions. See Workbook page 426 for a list of these words and their definitions.

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