The new v7.5 has the same audio track from the 12 htours of instructor videos from v6x, but we have re-edited the video track of all 170 videos to include over 3000 new graphics, animations, diagrams, illustrations, slides, slates, images, photos, and other visual aids directly in the video stream to assist the students as they watch the video.

The 170 new videos in v7.5 are included in BOTH the Standard and Premium versions of the PowerPrepTM DVD. The difference between version 6x and version 7.5 is the new graphics, animations, diagrams, text and other visual content mastered directly into the video stream in full screen DVD quality 720x480.

The new videos greatly enhance the learning experience for all students but they are especially helpful for the more visual learners.

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General Test Taking
About the ACT
Sentence Completion
Writing a Thesis Statement
Sentence Structure
Subject pronoun agreement
Misc Mistakes
Reading Comprehension
The Tools
Words and Cells Related to the Body
Arithmetic - Order of Operation (PEMDAS)
Algebra - Solving single variable equations
Algebra - Factoring Quadratics--Reverse FOIL
Geometry - Eqilateral Triangles
Geometry - Cylinders
Geometry - Circle Arcs and Angles
Trigonometry - Trig Functions--Soh--Cah--Toa
Problem Soving - Picking Numbers part 2
Top Ten Traps - Picking Variables and AC
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